A Look Inside an Artist’s “She Shed”

At JJNRE, we truly love to hear our clients’ stories. Sometimes, their stories are so unique, we just have to share! Check out this story about JJNRE clients Ryan and Rachel Roe, their first home, and their famous “She Shed,” which has become a local landmark!

When Ryan Roe bought Southern Living blueprints for a shed, his original plan was to build a place to store woodworking and gardening tools. But those plans wouldn’t last long. Just a few short years later, he met his wife, Rachel, a budding artist, and the rudimentary garden shed was transformed into a unique space for Rachel to create her artwork. The tiny studio has been featured in multiple magazines, blogs, a book and even on “She Shed” calendar!

Ryan and Rachel live in a quiet corner of Kirkwood’s East Monroe Historic District. Their home, which Ryan purchased with help from JJNRE in 2010, sits on a cul-de-sac and has a private backyard that provided the perfect backdrop for a quiet place for Rachel to pursue her art endeavors. “I originally had my easel set up in the living room,” says Rachel, “but painting can get pretty messy and it can be challenging to creatively explore without a dedicated physical space.”


The couple built the shed-turned-studio using a mix of new and recycled materials. The floors are made from siding of a torn-down barn and the windows and doors were bought from Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore. Rachel’s art studio is limited in size, but she makes good use of the space with vertical storage for all of her art supplies. The shed doubles as an outdoor entertaining space, complete with a chiminea and sitting area that they use when hosting friends and family.

You can check out some of Rachel’s recent artwork and learn more about Rachel Roe Art & Design by visiting www.rachelroedesign.com/.

Ryan and Rachel Roe turned a garden shed into a charming backyard oasis that includes a “she shed” for Rachel’s creative endeavors.

Rachel spends time in her she shed painting, illustrating and doing graphic design work for her clients. (To see more of her artwork, visit www.rachelroedesign.com.)

Rachel’s art studio may be tiny, but her clever use of space provides the perfect balance of storage and space for work.

Rachel takes a break from her artwork to play with her boys in front of her “she shed.”

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