JJNRE Community Spotlight: Innsbrook

Just a 45-minute drive from St. Louis, Innsbrook is the ultimate escape from city life. Ask anyone around JJNRE what they love about Innsbrook and you’ll hear phrases like: “family friendly,” “picture perfect” and “serene.” It’s true, this little-known lake destination is not only conveniently close, but it’s a surprisingly attainable place to buy property.

“There are so many ways to experience Innsbrook – whether it’s visiting for a weekend, renting a chalet for the summer, or buying a vacation property,” said JJNRE team member, Colleen Rohm. “For most of my clients, it starts with just trying it out.”

Colleen is one of a few JJNRE team members, including owner John Jackson, who own property in Innsbrook.

“As soon as you drive through the gates everything feels different. You’re instantly more relaxed. It’s a place to slow down, enjoy the outdoors and connect with family…there’s really no place like it,” said Colleen.

If all this sounds appealing, here are even more reasons why we love Innsbrook:

– Outdoorsy Appeal

Home to more than 100 lakes, Innsbrook is a nature lovers dream. Serene waters cozy up to quaint cottages while hiking trails make way for postcard views. Plus, an endless list of outdoor activities add to its appeal – from golf and tennis to horseback riding and boating.

– Year-round Recreation

Spring to fall, the community keeps an active event calendar packed with outdoor concerts, art and music festivals and wine nights.

– Fun for All

Adults and kids of all ages can participate in sports leagues, educational camps, and nature workshops (with plenty of pool time sprinkled in between!).

And the list above is only the beginning – because the same things that make Innsbrook a perfect place to visit are the same reasons why it’s a great place to buy.

Here at JJNRE, we’ve helped several of our clients purchase property in Innsbrook, and most are surprised to discover their options.

“There are so many ways to purchase property in Innsbrook, whether you’re using it as an investment property, purchasing a second home, or splitting one with friends or family,” said Colleen.

JJNRE clients Dan and Ellen Hugge are a great example of this. Back in 2018, the Hugge’s worked with Colleen to find their 1,500 square-foot chalet, which they purchased together with friends, John and Gretchen Lewis.

“We couldn’t be happier with our decision to buy with the Lewis family,” said Ellen. “By sharing a chalet, we can share responsibilities and costs, and it also ensures our home is occupied regularly during the summer months.”

Like Colleen, the Hugge’s love the laid-back lifestyle they have in Innsbrook.

“The best part about owning a home here is the family time,” Ellen adds. “Being here gets us out of our routine so we can enjoy our time together and in nature. There are so many things to do – hiking, paddle boarding, kayaking, sipping a drink by the pool, making s’mores – we love it all!”

If you’re considering making Innsbrook more than a getaway, we’re here to help. Like most relationships begin at JJNRE, the Innsbrook adventure starts with a casual conversation (no 45-minute drive required). ¬¬Just give us a call at 314.965.HOME or drop by our downtown Kirkwood location.

A picture-perfect view of John Jackson’s property in Innsbrook. Photo By: Mark Schmitz with Wideiphoto

One of many scenic lakes in Innsbrook. Photo by: Mark Schmitz with Wideiphoto

A shot of the Hugge’s chalet, which they share with friends. Photo by: Mark Schmitz with Wideiphoto

A peek inside one of the cozy rooms of the Hugge’s chalet. Photo By: Mark Schmitz with Wideiphoto

A look at the Jackson’s scenic setting. Photo By: Mark Schmitz with Wideiphoto

The living room is a favorite gathering place for Colleen and her family.  Photo By: Mark Schmitz with Wideiphoto

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