The Upside Of Rightsizing: A JJNRE Client Story

As kids grow up and leave home, many empty nesters are faced with the question “What now?”


For Hank and Tina Milford, the answer was rightsizing.

Shortly after the last of their four kids moved out, the couple considered their real estate options. With the help of Katie and the team at JJNRE, the Milfords sold their four-bedroom family home in Webster Groves and purchased a three-bedroom villa in Shrewsbury.

“As soon as we started working with Katie, we knew we were in good hands,” said Tina. “We couldn’t believe how seamless the buying and selling process was.”

Hank agreed. “They were experts about the area. We trusted their advice on everything – from listing, to pricing and even home staging.”

That trust paid off when the Milfords’ home sold after just one day on the market.

After the quick sell, the couple transitioned into life in their new space, a 3,000-square-foot ranch-style villa. An added bonus for Hank and Tina: the community’s maintenance-free amenities, including snow removal, lawn care and general upkeep.

“We love living in a lower-maintenance home because it gives us more time to do what we love – like traveling and spending time with friends and family,” said Tina.

And for Hank, less time doing housework means more time to help others, like last winter when he went back to their old home in Webster Groves to help shovel snow.

Rightsizing vs. Downsizing

The couple’s story isn’t much of a rarity these days. In fact, they’re part of a real estate trend in rightsizing. Many homeowners are skipping traditional downsizing to make a more intentional move that fits their wants and needs.

“We don’t feel like we sacrificed any space. There’s still plenty of room for the kids and their families to visit,” said Tina.

“It wasn’t a matter of downsizing,” Hank added. “It was about finding a home that better fit our lifestyle.”

What to Consider Before Rightsizing

At JJNRE, we believe there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to making a decision about buying or selling your home. And whatever move you make, our team is here to support you every step of the way. However, if you’re considering rightsizing, here are some things to think about:

1. Does your current home require a lot of upkeep and maintenance that cuts into your budget and free time?

2. Does your house encourage your favorite hobbies, like gardening, grilling or spending time with friends?

3. Do routine activities seem inconvenient in your current home’s layout?

4. Are you using all the rooms in your house? Or do you use some rooms only for special occasions or for storage?

With solid planning and an experienced guiding hand, rightsizing can be the right move for many. Connect with an agent at JJNRE and let us show you how we can work together to make your buying or selling experience seamless and successful.

Milfords’ former home in Webster Groves

The living room was a favorite gathering space in the Milfords’ former home.

The Milfords’ old dining room holds countless family memories.
The Milfords are loving life in their new Shrewsbury villa.


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